Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Benefit Cosmetics & OPI Spree - Goods Things Are Meant to be Shared!

Hi ladies...

I am organising 2 sprees:

(i) BENEFIT COSMETICS SPREE - http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/
Any products featured on the site.

(ii) OPI (nail lacquer) - http://www.opi.com/
Except Designer Series and orders subject to stock availability.

Batch limit: Max 10 participants [so that I can manage the spree effectively!]
Order Deadline: 25 July 2008 [or if batch limit has been reached, whichever is earlier]

Product price x 1.15 x 3.3 exchange rate = price to pay in RM
Benetint = USD28
Amount payable = 28 x 1.15 x 3.3 = RM106.26 excluding shipping / postage

For OPI products: RM36 per item excluding shipping /postage


Step 2) Email me:

ITEM WEBSITE LINK / ITEM DESCRIPTION: (eg: Benetint, Booing Shade 3 etc)
Step 3) Bank in payment by the Spree Deadline.
Account details: CIMB 1433-0005734-52-1

Step 4) Email me your bank in comfirmation immediately. Payment MUST BE DONE by the SPREE DEADLINE.

Step 5) Wait for item to arrive. Orders are estimated to arrive in 14 - 21 working days. Longer during peak season.Please note that some orders are delayed up to a month +, if you cannot wait, pls do not order.

Step 6) Wait to receive your items.


The names & orders will be listed in this blog with remarks on whether payment has been made. I will only proceed to order once ALL payment has been banked in. If you are not able to meet the deadline, please inform me in advance so I can extend the deadline (by 1-2 days only - to be fair to others).


Q) Why should I join this spree?
A) Because if we compile our orders, we can enjoy cheaper shipping rates and we can enjoy buying stuff cheaper than if we buy locally or purchase individually.

Q) If I want to buy 1 item which is priced at USD28, how much I need to pay in total?
A) USD28 x 1.15 x 3.3 = RM106.26

Q) How many items can I order?
A) There is no limit - you can order as many as you like.

Q) Can I order from any category in the website?
A) For BENEFIT COSMETICS- Yes, you can order from ANY category. For OPI products, please exclude designer series and your orders would be subject to stock availability.

Q) When will I get my order after I make full payment?
A) After ALL payments are in, I will place the order and we need to wait 14-21 working days for shipment to arrive. Longer during peak season.

Q) Can I self-collect the items?
A) Sorry, no self-collection.

Q) How much is postage?
A) Flat rate of RM10 [for 900grams and below]. If your order is heavier it will be a bit more. I will advise you accordingly.

Further inquiries: Email me at wht.a.steal@gmail.com


Spree List:

For Benefit products:

1. Jaz : Benetint - 1 [payment received with thanks]

2. Joyce: Benetint - 1 [payment received with thanks]

3. TYY: Benetint - 2 , Pocketpal - 1 [payment received with thanks]

4. Emily: Duo sharpener - 1 , My Date's My Brother - 1 [payment received with thanks]

5. Lyn: Some kind of gorgeous - 1 , Dr Feelgood - 1 [payment received with thanks]

6. SP: Do It Daily! Moisturiser - 1, You Clean Up Nice - 1 [payment received with thanks]

7. Vange: Dr Feelgood - 1 [payment received with thanks]

* Special Thanks - thank you for participating in the spree! I will make orders as soon as ALL payments have been received. Visit the blog every now and then for updates, ok?*

Update #1 (28/7): All orders have been placed. Estimated shipping date is 28/7. Stay tune for updates, fellow spree-ees! :)

Update #2 (29/7): Confirmation received from Benefit US that our orders have been shipped out! Yippee!!

Last update: All orders received. Spree officially closed.

For OPI products:

1. Jaz: Curry Up! Don't be late! - [payment received]

2. Kit: Russian Navy - 1
Original Nail Strengthener - [payment received] *COD arrangement as buyer is within walking distance!*

3. TYY: It's a Doozi, Says Suzi - 1 [payment received]

Update #1 (28/7): Dear spree-ees, I've not placed orders yet. Some participants are requesting for a little bit of time to make payments and I have agreed. Will proceed with orders latest Wed, ok girls?

Update #2 (29/7): Orders have been placed!

Update #3 (8/8): Orders have arrived! Will text/email spree-ees when orders are posted!

Last update: All orders received. Spree a success! Thanks to all...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Esprit leather wallet

Item Code: B004

Condition: Used less than 5 times. Bought from Esprit, Hong Kong. Grainy brown leather. Large purse with inside coin compartment and card holder.

Price: RM100 (more than 50% savings)

Slouchy hobo bag 100% leather

Item Code: B003

Condition: Used less than 5 times. This bag was bought from Woolsworth, Cape Town, South Africa. Made from 100% soft grainy leather, marvellous yellow-tan colour, unlined interior. There is a large inside pocket.

Price: RM150 (more than 40% savings)

Guess by Marciano

Item Code: B002

Condition: Brand new. Like the Coach hobo bag, this was bought in US. Updates: Opps! How can I forget these - measurements are crucial! 12.5" (L) x 7.25" (H) x 4" (W) - all measured at the widest parts of the bag.

Price: SOLD

Coach Ergo Hobo Bag

Item Code: B001

Condition: Brand new. Gift from aunty who went to US for her holiday. I think this is from the Fall/Winter 2007 collection.

Price: RM880 (more than 40% savings)

Eve Taylor Face Oil No. 5 (Dry, Mature Skin) 10ml

Item Code: C005

Condition: Used only twice. Bought from Leonard Drake outlet, Midvalley

Price: RM30 (more than 30% savings - retails at RM48)

O.P.I. Nail Lacquer 15ml

Pistol Packin' Pink

Argenteeny Pinkini

Item Code: C004

Condition: Like new - used less than 5 times

Price: RM30 (Pistol Packin' Pink) ; RM35 (Argenteeny Pinkini - used once only)

more than 35% savings from retail prices

Special Price: Buy 2 for RM60 (this is a steal!)